Beneath The Oak Tree

The first draft of my novel, “Beneath the Oak Tree” was finished in June 2013. This has been a labor of 38 years, of which, to be honest, only the last two have been active writing. I am currently on the stages of cleaning and polishing.

The tentative publication date is for winter 2013.

The book follows Joe, a combat medic who dies in the line of duty. During his tenure on earth he becomes the best at saving the lives of his fellow soldiers, so much so that he dares to declare that “not even Death can compete with me, you know. I’m sending her to the unemployment line.”

As I said before, Joe dies and goes to heaven (hey, saving people’s lives got to count for something, right?) and he officialy basks on the glory of his reward. Now, remember the comment he made about Death?

It didn’t sit well with her. Oh, hell no.

On a turn of events, Life calls upon her sister: Death, and proposes a break in the soul-cycle. Together, the sisters bring Joe back into the living realm without as much as a question on how he feels about the subject.

So now, a reluctant Joe finds himself working for Death, doing her biding. This time traveling through different realms and planes of existence. Going from Heaven to Hell (and other not so well-known places) searching for souls that have lost their way, and sending them back where they belong. He’s able to give others that which he can’t have.

Is Joe doomed to continue on this new “life” for the rest of eternity? Maybe.

The thing is, he won’t know for sure until he dares to look, for the answers that lurk Beneath the Oak Tree.



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