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Support Your Local Poet

What defines a poem? That sounds like a simple question.  Would you care to answer? I won’t claim to be a poet, by any means, but I think I can answer.  I have been known to write a few stanzas, tying them up with whatever happens to be the flavor metric of the moment, and finishing up … Continue reading

Spotlight: Definition of Character

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” ~Benjamin Franklin Quote of the Day

Down with the rules.

“Rules,” Joe said. “I spit on your damn rules. You’re all the same—all of you. Bunch of hypocrites, hiding behind your laws and your rules that only you can break.” ~Joseph Smythe. From: Beneath the Oak Tree  CGR.Pink(c)2013. All rights reserved.

How far would you go for beauty?

“Death and taxes…” said our forefather, Ben Franklin.  He said those two were the only two exceptions.  Nothing is permanent beside those two.  However, the survival of our species (our permanency) can be argued depends heavily on something so frail and temporary as beauty. I will flip the script for you this one time.  I bring … Continue reading

From: Beneath the Oak Tree

“Like always András, it’s been a pleasure talking to you,” Miriam said, smiling. “Why don’t you let me buy you a donut later, huh?” ~Miriam Quetta From: “Beneath the Oak Tree.”  CGR.Pink(c)2013. All rights reserved.

Food for Thought

“As new thoughts are accepted and then adopted, old thoughts are discarded. As new beliefs are adopted, old beliefs are discarded. Planes of existence are linked to the current accepted theology or ideology. At one point in time, men had many beliefs. More important to this case, men had many gods. The mind operates differently … Continue reading

Literary Agent Request: “Send me your first ten pages.”

The business of trying to sell a novel can be a cruel and nasty never-ending nightmare. Or it can be ruffles and flourishes, depending on luck.  This week, I started the process of sending query letters to literary agents. Oh Boy, oh boy. No matter what way it goes, at least for me, the process has given me … Continue reading

Today’s Quote:

“I serve another purpose. I am a Servitor. With me it was different. I was drafted. I didn’t have a choice, but you do. If you want out, give me back the coin and be done with it. With time the nightmares will fade, that much I can promise.” ~Joseph C. Smythe From: Beneath the … Continue reading

A Tale of Four Friends: An Excerpt

Even though my novel, “Beneath the Oak Tree,” is a work of prose, I played with using poetry in order to introduce The Sisters.  I wanted to establish right away that they are different from everything else in the book.  Detached from the world, yet inhabiting it, they converse in poetry as everyone else is restricted to prose.  Enjoy … Continue reading

Spotlight: Agile Writers

Richmond, Virginia (the RVA) may be the home to one of the best kept secrets in the writing community.  But not for long. In August 2012, by perchance, or due to work (depends on who you ask) I moved from North Carolina into the great state of Virginia.  That alone wouldn’t be enough for news, other than … Continue reading

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