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A Tale of Four Friends: An Excerpt

Even though my novel, “Beneath the Oak Tree,” is a work of prose, I played with using poetry in order to introduce The Sisters.  I wanted to establish right away that they are different from everything else in the book.  Detached from the world, yet inhabiting it, they converse in poetry as everyone else is restricted to prose.  Enjoy this excerpt from “Beneath the Oak Tree,” and stick around for the short poll afterwards.  Thanks for your vote!

A Tale of Four Friends

Loneliness, Misery, and Death

Beneath an oak tree conversed

Sitting around a park table

Casting plots, to leave one cursed


Then two lovebirds as it happened

Descended upon their table

Attuned to a beautiful song

As only lovebirds are able


Lady Death, she was the oldest

She spoke at once, without fear

I am the worst one between us

Let it be known, and be clear


Using these birds for example

I will make my case be heard

Loving each other so deeply

I find the charade absurd!


Watch now as I smite the he-bird

And end their futile attempt

With my touch sever her romance

No soul claims to be exempt


Loneliness applauded, loudly

You were always keen to boast

Your efforts opened a door

I will slip into my host


I will haunt this lonely fool

Be her company, no doubt

Cause her to question the presence

Of every live thing about


And she won’t sing oh, no more

Wrapped up in her lonely veil

Cursing in silence aloud

Her voice will also set sail


Misery looked at her sisters

Is that the best you could do?

For I am worse than you both

I will teach you a thing or two


You killed him and it was sudden

In a flash, it was so swift

And you, alone her companion

Worthy only, of short shrift


I will win this competition

I have moved into her heart

Accepting, yet not another

Wrapping it tightly with barb


Infecting all who come near

Bitterness spewing from her

She will sing out a new tune

Her demise won’t be deferred


A fourth Sister then approached

The others had to compel

She joined the contenders gathered

Before the toll of the bell


She cut in the conversation

Alas in a harshly fashion

Hard as stone, it was the truth

Truth was brought forth into action


Loneliness, Misery, and Death

Beneath an oak tree conversed

Sitting around a park table

Casting plots, to leave one cursed


Tormenting the soul of this one

I understand is your call

That is of course your existence

You thrive when she lives a thrall


In any case now I tell you

I have come to stop this scheme

Never constant, always changing

Even I have come to dream


Thanks to you one-sided beings

For your journey down this shore

Moreover, I make it clear

I am not to be ignored


It may be my fault, you see

If you don’t think I belong

I let hope creep in her heart

So the cycle might go on


Look. She has found a new partner

Listen as they are together

Singing as they fly away

Will the song go on forever?


Loneliness, Misery and Death

Sat down with Life at a table

Casting Plots, calling shots

Each doing as she was able.

From “Beneath the Oak Tree”(c)2013,CGR.Pink


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